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Chairman's report

Rummenigge: Pep is totally satisfied

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge arrived at Bayern's training camp on Tuesday, determined not to miss the evening friendly against Brescia Calcio. The chairman was busy during the day hearing reports on the progress made in Riva so far, clearing up the final details of Mario Gomez’ transfer to Fiorentina, and also spending half an hour with the media. listened to the question-and-answer session.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on…

…progress at the training camp to date:
“Pep is totally satisfied, not just with the weather, the hotel and the food, but also with the training facility and the way the team is pulling together. Everything is positive at the moment. Trentino is like home for FC Bayern because everything is wonderful. We laid fantastic foundations for the treble here last year, and it's important to return to somewhere like this."

…targets for the new season:
“We won the league in style last season, and we want to defend the title, although we obviously want a good to very good role in the cup and especially in the Champions League. No team has ever managed to retain that trophy. That might be something we want to go after this season."