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The first step

Breno: I'm in good shape now

Former Bayern player Breno returned to the club on Monday morning, taking the first step in a rehabilitation and social reintegration programme as a day release prisoner. The 23-year-old is joining the staff of the FCB junior team youth section. “I'm a little nervous," the Brazilian confessed, “but I'm in good shape now. I'm delighted, and I'd like to thank the prison authorities and FC Bayern for this chance."

Breno has served 13 months of a three year and nine month prison sentence handed down for second-degree arson in July 2012. “The time in prison has been very hard for me," said the father of a son, who has now been offered a route back to a normal life via FC Bayern as a reward for good conduct. “I think it's excellent that the prison authorities and all the authorities in Munich involved in the case have helped to open up this opportunity," commented FCB president Uli Hoeneß.

Administration and training

Effective immediately, Breno will be employed in the junior team administrative unit and on the FC Bayern II coaching staff. FCB youth section director Wolfgang Dremmler will collect the 23-year-old from Stadelheim correctional facility at 8.30 am every day, returning him by 1.30 pm. If all goes according to plan, the day release will be extended to eight hours in a couple of months, so the Brazilian can “lead a relatively normal life," said Hoeneß.

“I'm certain Breno will feel most at home on the field of play," commented Dremmler. Alongside his work on the coaching staff, the Brazilian will be encouraged to regain peak physical fitness. However, he is not eligible to play for the Bayern reserves due to regulations applying to second teams and the fact he is not an EU national, Hoeneß noted.

Impeccable behaviour

“It means I can train again and maybe play again later on - that's my dream," said Breno, revealing he had practised sport four times a week in prison. Once he has served his sentence, Breno will be deported, remarked Hoeneß, who is hoping the Brazilian can rejoin the professional ranks in his home country: “At the Audi Cup, the people from FC São Paulo confirmed their strong interest in that."

It means there is more than a ray of hope for the 23-year-old. “FC Bayern will do everything it can to help," Hoeneß pledged. “We've been informed by the prison authorities that he has behaved impeccably and has been an exemplary prisoner. His behaviour here will be just as flawless." Dremmler concluded by outlining the club's aims for Breno: “He has to put in a shift and try to free himself mentally. If we manage that, it'll be a very big step forward."