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A good night out

Bruised but unbowed Müller leads the charge

Bremen and Gladbach are already out of the DFB Cup, and Dortmund and Schalke huffed and puffed their way into the second round, but on Monday evening Bayern serenely cleared the first hurdle on the way to the final in Berlin. The holders beat fourth-tier BSV Rehden 5-0 and never at any time looked in danger of not making the second stage of the knockout competition for the 19th time in a row. “But it still wasn't an easy match," insisted FCB supremo Pep Guardiola, “Rehden put in very good work." However, at the end of the day “we avoided making fools of ourselves," summarised Thomas Müller.

As if ultra-professional Munich needed reminding, the cup weekend provided all the necessary reasons for taking Monday’s match seriously. Four Bundesliga clubs were knocked out, with three second division teams also falling to lower league opponents. But in Osnabruck on Monday night, there was not even the merest whiff of an upset.