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Reaction to Bayern v Nürnberg

Chairman: We played wonderful football

There are still a few teething troubles, but Bayern's display against Nürnberg in the second half on Saturday was a pleasure to watch. “We played wonderful football," said Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, “but it wasn't easy in the first half." Boss Pep Guardiola agreed: “I'm satisfied, especially with the second half and our control of the game." Bastian Schweinsteiger is convinced “we'll play even better."

Reaction to Bayern v Nürnberg

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge: “Nine points from three games, that's fantastic. We played wonderful football in the second half, and we could have scored four or five. But we're still satisfied with the 2–0 victory. It wasn't easy in the first half. Nürnberg closed down the space and played very aggressively."

Pep Guardiola: “It's an important victory. I'm satisfied, especially with the second half and our control of the game. Just like in Frankfurt, we hardly let them hit us on the break, which is something I've talked about a lot with the team. Especially when Franck and Arjen have the ball, we can attack at pace. Nürnberg were unbelievably well organised. It's always difficult against this type of team."

Philipp Lahm: “We can be absolutely satisfied with our start. It was a determined team performance today. My game hasn't become more attacking, because I laid on lots of goals last season. But my game has become different."

Bastian Schweinsteiger: “I knew Nürnberg would basically defend in their own half. We could certainly have scored a goal or two much earlier. We had to be a little bit patient, and we were. But we always stayed on the attack. Everyone saw that we shifted up a gear in the second half, and then we scored the vital opening goal. We know we can play even better, but that'll come."

Michael Wiesinger (FCN coach): “We wanted to keep it tight defensively. It was obvious to us that Bayern are a machine, especially when they have the ball. We ran out of gas in the course of the second half. I was impressed with the way Bayern never became impatient. They imposed their game on us and deserved the win."