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Reaction to Bayern v Raja

Müller: It's a fairytale ending

Success! In the last game before the mid-season break, Bayern succeeded in clinching their fifth trophy of the calendar year 2013. After winning the FIFA Club World Cup, the mood in the FCB camp was ecstatic: “It’s a fairytale ending and a well-earned reward for the excellent year we’ve had,” Thomas Müller said. Captain Philipp Lahm added: “Being able to add another trophy, especially this one, at the end of the year is amazing.”

Reaction to Bayern v Raja Casablanca:

Pep Guardiola: “Five trophies in one year is an incredible success for FC Bayern. I’m very happy for the club and very proud of my players and the fans. We have a two-week break ahead of us, and we’ll come back to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. We’re very happy with our achievements, but we have to look forward. My players knew they had to play their best to win this tournament. We did very well in the first 25 minutes, but after that we failed to pile on the pressure and didn't make enough chances.”

Philipp Lahm: ”Being able to add another trophy, especially this one, at the end of the year is amazing. We made it hard for ourselves today. The good part was that we went on to the pitch focused, wanted to score early and succeeded. We then failed to follow up, and let up on the pressure a bit. When we totally dominate our opponents for 35 minutes like we did today, it doesn’t make it easy for us players. We were aiming to play better than we did in the second half.”

Thomas Müller: ”Our opponents did what they could to make it a tough match. We would have liked to score another goal or two, but Casablanca didn't make it easy, even in the second half. We won 2-0 and that's what counts. We’re happy to be Club World Cup champions. It’s a fairytale ending, the well-earned reward for the excellent year we’ve had. It's nearly impossible to play at the level we’ve done in this calendar year. After this win, we can go into a relaxing holiday with a clear conscience.”

Manuel Neuer: ”We’re looking forward to our holidays now. The trophy means a lot to us because it’s very special.”