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President takes stock

Hoeneß: It’s how I always imagined FCB

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Uli Hoeneß and his wife Susi are currently spending time in Morocco. Naturally, the club president wishes to be present as Bayern hope to crown an extraordinary year with a fifth trophy in the FIFA World Club Cup final. In the build-up to Saturday’s showdown, Hoeneß looked back on the last 12 months in an interview with B5 radio: “2013 will go down as historic for Bayern Munich! If I was to go back 20 or 30 years and imagine where FC Bayern might end up, it would probably have looked like it does today.“

However, Hoeneß explicitly warned against heightened expectations in the future and urged caution when setting goals for the years to come. “This has been an exceptional year,” the former Germany international said, “I can’t imagine it can be repeated.” Hoeneß thinks the club must be careful not to slide into a pressure situation from which there is no escape. “It’s perfectly okay if you take a significant trophy each year, be it the German championship or the Champions League, or you make the cup final.“

Hoeneß said he was looking forward to spending the holidays with his family and urged everyone at the club to relax in readiness for the New Year. “We need to sit back, reflect and enjoy what we have, and then tackle the tasks lying ahead of us with new reserves of energy,“ the FCB president advised.