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Robben injured!

Winger stretchered off with deep cut

It was not a pretty sight for Bayern fans when Arjen Robben had to be carried to the dressing room on a stretcher. His right knee was bleeding and swathed in bandages. His face was creased with pain. In a collision with Augsburg shot-stopper Marvin Hitz, one of the keeper’s studs buried itself into Robben's knee. Preliminary diagnosis: a deep laceration.

And the match was going so well for Robben. He scored after just 210 seconds, putting Bayern into a precious 1-0 lead. It was Robben's 13th goal in 20 matches of the current season, and his fifth in the last four. In his last 27 games, the Dutch player has been directly involved in a stunning 29 goals (18 goals, 11 assists).

Then, after 13 minutes of Wednesday’s DFB Cup clash, came the collision with Hitz. Robben lay prone on the ground and had to be substituted after three minutes of treatment. How long he will be sidelined – if at all – remains open for the time being. “We’ll only know for sure once he has been examined at the hospital,” said Matthias Sammer: the player was taken to a local hospital for the wound to be properly cleaned and dressed.