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Reaction to FCB v SCF

‘Three more points, another game down’

Bayern are proving all but unstoppable on their way to a 24th German championship. Saturday’s routine 4–0 victory over Freiburg means the the nation’s most successful club have now gone 46 Bundesliga matches without defeat. “We’re all delighted about winning the match,” said two-goal Xherdan Shaqiri, although the Swiss starlet was substituted with injury on the hour. “It wasn’t superb football but it was controlled,” commented boss Pep Guardiola, declaring himself “very pleased” with the 19th league victory of the campaign.

Reaction to Bayern v Freiburg

Pep Guardiola: “It’s always tough when the whole world just expects you to turn up and with. I’m very pleased. The way the players maintain their concentration regardless of what happens is unbelievable. It wasn’t superb football but it was controlled. We only played really well in the first 15 or 20 minutes of the second half. The quality in our squad made the difference today. It’s three more points and another game down.“ 

Manuel Neuer: “It’s been a great day. We were hoping for a good performance before Arsenal. Now we’re looking forward to the Champions League. 

Xherdan Shaqiri: “We enjoyed ourselves today and we’re all delighted about winning the match.“

Christian Streich (SC Freiburg coach): “We tried everything we knew and we’re not happy about the result. We tried to get at Bayern high up the field, and they hardly had any chances up to the 20th minute. But then they scored and added the second shortly afterwards. My lads gave it everything. What matters is that they maintain this strong mentality for our upcoming games. 

Oliver Baumann (SC Freiburg captain): “I’ve let in seven goals in my time so four doesn’t hurt much. We resisted as well as we could but they’re basically a couple of levels better than us. I don’t think we played badly, but we’ve still conceded four goals. The fourth is the one I’m most annoyed about. We basically had things under control in the second half, but then they go and score again.“