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Pizza’s video chat

'Perhaps we’re a bit more relaxed'

One likable comedian had a very special gig on Wednesday. Claudio Pizarro fielded questions from Bayern fans who pumped the Peruvian for information on the video chat: Questions covered special hobbies, chances of winning titles, his favourite spots in Munich and his plans for when he hangs up his boots. reports highlights of the wise words uttered by the 35-year-old striker.

Claudio Pizarro on…

…this season’s title prospects: “Anything’s possible! Obviously, it’s looking good in the Bundesliga and in the cup too. And we’re confident of being able to reach the Champions League Final again. But first we’ve got to get past Arsenal in the second leg. It’s important for me to win titles. And we can do that at Bayern.“

his horses: “I’ve named a few of them after players. But I also had a horse called Marienplatz. Another’s called Allianz Arena. They’ve mainly got names to do with Bayern. I used to keep horses with Roque Santa Cruz and Owen Hargreaves earlier on. These days, I mostly speak to Hermann Gerland and Thomas Müller about it as they’re both horse lovers.”

former favourite team-mates: “I played alongside a lot of good team-mates. I loved playing in the same team as Mehmet Scholl, Zé Roberto, Michael Ballack, Frank Lampard and Mesut Özil and now with Bastian Schweinsteiger. Thiago is also another outstanding footballer. He reminds me a little of Scholl when he was young. I get on very well with everyone in our squad.”

the atmosphere in the team compared with last season: “Perhaps we’re a bit more relaxed before games. We’re less nervous going into games. But when we’re on the pitch we’re just as focused as last season. We want to win everything again. That’s the most important thing.”

his favourite films: “I go to the cinema twice a week with my wife. And I’ve also got a little home cinema in our house. I watch different genres of film - action films and comedies mainly. I particularly like watching films with a historical background, ‘Gladiator’ for example.”

when he finishes as a pro: “I’m not exactly sure yet what I want to do later on. I want to carry on playing for a couple of years. I can imagine staying in Germany. My children were born here and they’re almost completely German. They don’t want to leave the country.“