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'Pep bosses the Bundesliga'

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The international media were full of admiration the day after FC Bayern secured the fastest ever Bundesliga title win. “Six days earlier and Bayern would have won the championship in winter,” wrote Spanish sports paper Marca. Here is a summary of the media reports from Spain and China:


Marca: ”Six days earlier and Bayern would have won the championship in winter. 25 wins and two draws underline who the favourites are in the Champions League.”

As: “No club has ever won the Bundesliga in March before. Guardiola has trumped his predecessor Heynckes. He now faces a new challenge: FC Bayern want to end the season unbeaten in the league. No club has managed that in the history of the Bundesliga.”

El Mundo: The best FC Bayern team of all time. The third title for Guardiola as Bayern’s coach. It looks like Munich do not have any real opponents in Germany or possibly even in the whole of Europe.

El País: “Pep is the fastest champion. FC Bayern have won the title a matchday earlier than under Heynckes and played 3,000 more passes than last season.”

El Periódico: “Pep bosses the Bundesliga. FC Bayern are the first champions on the continent. Nobody has won the title faster.”


Fenghuang: “Which other records will the mighty Bayern break?”

CCTV: “Bundesliga champions? That is just the first step! FCB want two other titles!”

Xinhua: “Bayern are number one in Europe! Barcelona are quaking in their boots!”