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Reaction to FCB v FCK

‘Delighted we’re in the final’

Pep Guardiola said he was “delighted” after Bayern booked a place in the DFB Cup final with a 5–1 victory over Kaiserslautern in Wednesday night’s semi. “I’m looking forward to the final,” declared goalscorer Toni Kroos, although Matthias Sammer insisted a better performance will be needed if FCB are to claim the trophy: “We need a little more fire and also the courage to speak out and talk about these things.“

Reaction to FCB v FCK

Pep Guardiola: “Kaiserslautern were very brave from the start. We had problems in possession. We took a step forward in terms of team spirit. I’m delighted and happy with the way we kept battling.“

Matthias Sammer: “We’re delighted to be in the final, but I’m not happy with how we’re playing. There are too many lapses in concentration and not much by way of a group dynamic. I think we’re being too positive and too nice to each other. We need a little more fire and also the courage to speak out and talk about these things. We gave the players enough space for a breather after sealing the championship. If things stay as they are it’ll be tough collecting another trophy. But if we can get back to playing as we did before wrapping up the league we’re capable of winning everything.“

Toni Kroos: “The goals that put us in the lead did us the world of good. We hadn’t got into the game up to that point, we didn’t create any chances and our play wasn’t fluid. You sensed we had shaken off a burden after that and we played better. I’m looking forward to the final.“

Kosta Runjaic (Kaiserslautern coach): “Congratulations to Bayern on reaching the final. I have no criticism of my team. Our performance was a good advertisement for FC Kaiserslautern, we never looked for a place to hide and we were aggressive. It felt like we had more shots at goal than Manchester United. So overall I think it’s been a good evening. We want to carry the momentum into our very tough remaining fixtures."

Simon Zoller (Kaiserslautern): “It was obvious Bayern were better than us in every respect. We’ve given a good account of ourselves but at the end of the day it was emphatic.“