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Ex-FCB and Real legend

Breitner: It’ll be another exciting clash

Paul Breitner is a much sought-after man these days. As the first and, alongside Arjen Robben, only player to wear the shirt for both FC Bayern and Real Madrid, the FCB ambassador was in demand with both of the top clubs ahead of the first leg of the Champions League tie.

Breitner moved from Munich to Madrid in 1974 where he made 84 appearances in three years for the Spanish giants. He was in the side that won the Spanish league title twice and the Copa del Rey once – and the current Madrid team lifted the Spanish Cup for the nineteenth time last week. During his trip down memory lane, Breitner spoke to about Los Blancos and the hard-fought duels with FC Bayern.

Interview: Paul Breitner Breitner, who will you backing on Wednesday night?
Breitner: “There's only one team for me when Bayern play. I'm only a Madridista when Real aren't up against Bayern. That's the only time I turn from red and white to all white.” you still in contact with people at Real Madrid?
Breitner: “I've still got some very good contacts. Former players are invited over by Real two or three times a year and I try to fly out at least once. I'm still in very close touch with people in and around the club.”'s the latest from Madrid? How much respect is there for FC Bayern?
Breitner: “I hear the same things in Madrid and Munich: 'We'll go through.' Every side thinks the other is a bit weaker. There have been a few parallels between the two clubs over the past two or three weeks. Real, like Bayern, have taken a breather. They could have conceded four, five or six goals at Dortmund and then they would have been knocked out. Real Madrid and Bayern both know when they have to concentrate fully and when they can ease off a bit. I think there’s great mutual respect between the teams.” What will it all come down to on Wednesday night?
Breitner: “It's just a matter of being on normal form. If both sides play to form then we'll go through – because we're a better side.” What sort of game are you expecting?
Breitner: “All matches between Real and Bayern are passionate, so it’ll be another exciting encounter on Wednesday. That's all part of it.” played for Real Madrid. What's special about the club?
Breitner: “In terms of the global popularity of football clubs, Real Madrid are still number one. You have to remember that Real established their fame and standing in world sport in the 1950s when they won the European Cup five times. The Fifties and the long-serving president Santiago Bernabéu – the only truly wise man I've ever met in my life – were the two key factors that took Real Madrid to those heights. We're on the right track at Bayern but we definitely need a few more years to draw level.” What would be your dream result on Wednesday night? 
Breitner: “Only one thing matters: We want to retain the Champions League. So we want to beat Real Madrid. That means the main thing is to go through.”