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Götze: The way we play suits me perfectly

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Mario Götze is just 21 but has already won the German league three times, twice with Borussia Dortmund and now with FCB in his first year in Munich. That's an impressive record to date. Götze is looking to seal the cup and league double on Saturday when Bayern take on his former club in Berlin. The Reds can hardly wait as the Germany international reveals in his exclusive interview with It will be Mario's first major final as injury ruled him out of the 2012 DFB Cup final and the Champions League Final in 2013 between Dortmund and Bayern.

Interview: Mario Götze Mario, you’ve just won your first championship title with FC Bayern. What was it like on the balcony at the Town Hall?
Mario Götze: Fantastic! I live near Marienplatz and there's always something going on. But Saturday was incredible. Looking down at the huge crowd from the balcony of the Town Hall, being able to celebrate with them and seeing all those happy faces - brilliant!

You weren't in the squad for the Stuttgart game. Why was that? And do we have to worry about you making it to the cup Final?
That was just a precautionary measure by the coach as I had a twinge in my thigh at the end of last week. That's gone now so I'm ready for the cup final.

Celebrating the league title came before the cup final. Are you excited?
It’ll definitely be a special night for me. At the end of the day, it's the first major cup final in my career where I can play an active role. I'm really looking forward to it – to the atmosphere, to the 90 minutes that will decide everything. And, of course, facing my former Dortmund team-mates.

How many people have asked you for tickets?
Too many, that's for sure. If I'd sorted them all out the Berlin Olympic Stadium could already be full.

Where do you have to improve on Saturday compared to the home league game against Dortmund?
You can't compare the two games. We were totally focused on the Champions League at the time. I think the position now is relatively relaxed: we're a great team, we know what makes us strong and we need to be on top of our game. Then it won't be easy for Dortmund.

You're coming to the end of your first season at Bayern. What's your assessment of the campaign?
We won the league title with games to spare, we were in the Champions League semi-final and now we're in a position to win the DFB Cup. I think we can be very, very happy. It's already been a successful season and that's that. But, of course, we want to step up to the plate in Berlin.

Have you all recovered from losing to Real Madrid?
It does hurt. We had a bad day in the second leg. But you shouldn't forget how we played at Real Madrid when we dominated the game for long periods. Obviously, you can do it like Chelsea did at Atletico and park the bus in your own penalty area. That's not our style. I'm firmly convinced we play football the way it should be played. And the way we play suits me perfectly.

Was the move to FC Bayern the right decision?
It was a big step for me, there's no doubt about that. Unfortunately it was difficult at the beginning due to injury. I really fitted in after that. I feel at home here now and I'm proud to be part of FC Bayern. I hope I can stay fit and healthy. I've got big plans for next season.

For example?
My stats this season have been pretty good. Of course, I want to pose a greater threat up front, provide more assists and produce top performances at crucial moments. I can improve.

Was it difficult to adjust from the Dortmund to the FCB style?
There were tiny changes. At the end of the day football is football. Of course, we play with a different philosophy here at Bayern. But my ability hasn't changed. I need to show what I can do and that's what matters.

Do you feel at home here in Munich?
It couldn't be better. It's fantastic. The Isar, the English Garden, the Viktualienmarkt. I'm always out and about on sunny days and I'm enjoying my time in Munich. And living with my brother has worked really well.

Let's look ahead. Your first World Cup will come soon after the cup final…
Well, there are still a few weeks to go before the start of the tournament but a World Cup in Brazil is absolutely brilliant. I'm really looking forward to it.

Germany are one of the favourites. What are their chances?
We'll definitely be well prepared for the start of the tournament. The heat will be an issue but that can't be an excuse. We'll get used to it. I'm sure the fans here in Germany will really enjoy watching us.