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World’s best keeper

Neuer: Our will to win is unbeatable

Three days before the DFB Cup final, Manuel Neuer kept a special appointment. In an exclusive video chat the German international goalkeeper answered questions posed by the fans. summarises some of the answers given by the best keeper in the world.

Manuel Neuer on…

…the Cup final: “We’re looking forward to it. It should be an exciting game between the top two teams in Germany. It's a final deserving of its name. We are evenly matched, and it will go down to the wire.”

…his favourite sports apart from football: “I played tennis until I was 14. When I'm on holiday I like doing water sports. In winter I like skiing. Generally I’m ambitious: if I do something, I like to do it properly.”

…what is special at FC Bayern: “We’re extremely successful and the best team in Germany, a great feeling. As it says in the club anthem [Stern des Südens]: we always play in front of a full house, the atmosphere is always amazing and our will to win is unbeatable. To add to that, we have fans everywhere; even in Indonesia, where I went on holiday.”

…the World Cup: “I think it’s important to make a good start, hopefully with a win. It gives us power for the games to come. The first match is the first final, everything’s on the line. Football is the main sport in our nation, so the expectations are high. We aim to fulfil those expectations.”