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Chairman’s summary

Rummenigge: I’m pleased and proud

Bayern won the Bundesliga in record time, reached the Champions League semi-finals for the third year in a row, and could complete a domestic double in the DFB Cup final two weeks from now. Even though the campaign is not at an end Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is already looking back on 2013/14 “with pride and pleasure. We’ve been outstanding.“

In his speech to Friday evening’s Extraordinary General Meeting, the chairman reminded the Audi Dome audience that the season must be interpreted in the light of the 2012/13 treble triumph. “Normally you’d hit a rut, you’d feel mentally and physically drained. You expect a catastrophic year after a treble, but we’ve not hit a rut at all,” he said, “that’s to the huge credit of our coach Pep Guardiola.“

The 58-year-old drew storms of applause when he described Guardiola as “a magnificent coach and a wonderful person. He has a clear philosophy and a huge vision. We can count ourselves lucky he decided to come to Bayern.“ As it has turned out, the Spaniard is “the most successful rookie coach in Bundesliga history. Pep Guardiola and FCB are inseparable!“

Big matches, important trophies

That will not change in the wake of the Champions League exit to Real Madrid. “It’s not the end of the world. We’ve been unbelievably successful for two years. A single defeat in the Champions League doesn’t make everything bad,” insisted Rummenigge, “I look back with great gratitude. I’m delighted we’ve all been part of it for the last two years. We’ve seen big matches and we’ve won big trophies. We were elated about winning the Champions League again after a 12-year absence. I’ll never forget the players embracing Uli.“

Rummenigge recalled a 4–0 defeat in Barcelona four years ago. “Barça were our role model at the time. They made it to at least the Champions League semi-finals every time and won it occasionally. That’s FC Bayern today. We have the continuity.“ The chairman rejected negative media reports since Tuesday’s match. “You have the impression people just wanted to moan about Bayern again, but I just think it’s laughable!“

Record figures expected

Rummenigge explicitly praised the fans for their unceasing support against Madrid: “I was genuinely delighted when I heard the old songs being sung on 80 minutes. It told me this club can accept defeat graciously and sportingly while remaining loyal and united.“

It is already clear, the chairman revealed, that the club has had another bumper financial year: “We’ll post new turnover and profit records.” Solid finances, unity and sporting success - “FC Bayern is exceptionally healthy,“ Rummenigge concluded.