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Reaction to Bayern v Paderborn

Coach: What matters is the way we play

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Bayern are back on top of the Bundesliga after dismissing previous leaders  Paderborn 4-0. “It was important to win today and lay down a marker,” commented the outstanding Arjen Robben. Pep Guardiola was especially pleased with “an excellent first 25 minutes. We’re top now, but that’s not what matters at the moment. What matters is the way we play.”

Reaction to Bayern v Paderborn

Pep Guardiola:“We played very well for the first 25 minutes. Overall I’m pleased because our build-up play has improved. We’re top now, but that’s not what matters at the moment. What matters is the way we play.”

Arjen Robben: “It was important to win today and lay down a marker. We were simply the better team. They had problems closing us down at the start. We made the most of it and took an early 2-0 lead. That’s our first win by a big margin, and we need to keep it up.”

Mario Götze: ”We were well prepared and determined to make amends for the last match. The three points are important, especially here at home. I think we played pretty well, so all credit to the team. The early opening goal was important. We have lots of quality and we’re looking forward to our forthcoming matches.”

André Breitenreiter (SC Paderborn coach):“It was special for my team. We always said we wanted to run out here with the stadium lit up in red. Bayern have exceptional quality and they set off some attacking fireworks. You’ll never fend off every attack. But we had a few moments on the break and we generally tried to play our way out of trouble. We can be very proud because my lads have done a terrific job. We’re staying here tonight and we’ll all go to the Oktoberfest tomorrow.”

Uwe Hünemeier (SC Paderborn): “It’s not easy when you’re two down after 15 minutes, but we pulled ourselves together, accepted the situation and actually made a few chances. You don’t get many openings against Bayern, so if we’d taken one of our chances, it might have been a closer-run thing. We’ll learn a lot from the match. Bayern are in a completely different class. We’ll try and take our points elsewhere.”

Jens Wemmer (SC Paderborn): ”In the first few minutes we really did try to play our football and get at them. But we noticed we’d be totally exhausted after ten minutes if we tried to keep that going. It was obvious Bayern were just too strong. We have to learn from our mistakes and maybe do better in the return.”