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FCB delighted with ‘best game yet’

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A Maß is both the traditional unit of beer served at the Oktoberfest and the weighty glass it comes in. It has a volume of one litre – almost two US or British pints - and is literally not to be taken lightly. So would the players now consume one Maß per goal, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was asked. “I'm not sure all the lads can manage four,” grinned the FCB chairman after Saturday's 4–0 victory over Hannover 96, the perfect preface to the club’s annual Oktoberfest visit on Sunday. “The position couldn't be better and we’ll tackle tomorrow's task accordingly,” quipped Thomas Müller in expectation of a pleasantly relaxed afternoon, as Rummenigge confirmed: “Every one of them has certainly earned his Maß at the Oktoberfest.”

Bayern have completed the first intense phase of the season with the superb record of six wins, one draw, 14 goals scored and none conceded. This excellent form has taken the double winners from fifth to first in the Bundesliga, and FCB also lead Champions League Group E after two games. “It's all going wonderfully well at the moment. We need to work hard and keep it up for as long as possible,” said Rummenigge, announcing his intention to enjoy “a Maß or two” himself on Sunday.

Bayern's form has visibly improved over the last three weeks and peaked for the time being in the meeting with Hannover. Rummenigge described the first half display against the side line sixth in the table as “first-class” and worthy of an ‘A+ grade’. The visitors strung five men across the back but it made little difference to the on-fire FCB forwards. “We played aggressive attacking football and never allowed our opponents a chance,” reasoned Arjen Robben.

Best game yet

The Dutchman scored in the 13th and 79th minutes and shared the man of the match honours with fellow two-goal striker Robert Lewandowski (6, 38), although it was a strong team display as well. “It all went according to plan today. Four goals and a comfortable win means we're happy,” commented Lewandowski after the final whistle. Robben was delighted with “probably our best game yet. We're developing in the right direction.”

Pep Guardiola declared himself equally happy, particularly with the way the players are increasingly translating his tactical instructions into action: “We're playing more football and running less.” However, admonished the FCB coach, there is a long way to go yet: “It's still only October. It would be boring if we were already at our peak. We can still improve.”

“We should remain self-critical and keep it up,” added Robben, insisting the league table does not matter for the time being. “I'm only looking at us, not at our rivals. We've only had seven games and there's a long way to go yet.” First of all there is the matter of the Oktoberfest visit. “We'll enjoy it,” Robben smiled.