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Reaction to Bayern v Hannover

Guardiola: We could have had more

Bayern have completed the busy early-autumn period with a fine record of six wins and a draw from seven games with no goals conceded. In the final match prior to the international break the Reds were on irresistible form against Hannover. “We’re obviously delighted with the result,” said Pep Guardiola after Saturday’s easy 4-0 victory. Arjen Robben said: “We never let them create a chance.”

Reaction to Bayern v Hannover

Pep Guardiola: “We’re obviously delighted with the result. Hannover were the third or fourth team to string five across the back against us and it’s never easy. We’ve scored four but it could have been more. The most important thing is that we’re a little better in every game than the one before. We’re playing more football and running less, and that’s why I’m pleased.”

Arjen Robben:
 ”It was  good game, we were aggressive going forward and we never let them create a chance. Hannover only came here to defend but they couldn’t stop us. It’s great to score four in front of our home crowd, but it could easily have been more.”

Robert Lewandowski:
 ”Sometimes, like the game in Moscow, we can play and play and start thinking a wall’s been put up in front of the goal. But today it all worked out the way we planned. We’re happy with four goals and a comfortable win. I’m curious about the Oktoberfest now. I’ve heard lots about it but I’ve never been. I think it’ll be a good day out.”

Tayfun Korkut (Hannover 96 coach): ”We had a plan but the early goals meant it fell apart very, very quickly. It’ not easy against a team with such quality and flexibility. They went for it too. We have to accept the defeat as it is and concentrate on our forthcoming matches.”

Ceyhun Gülselam (Hannover 96): ”We struggled in the first half and gave away possession a lot. A team like Bayern will always punish you mercilessly for that.”