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News in brief

Stars resume team training

Following a welcome three-day break, the FC Bayern first-team squad resumed training on Monday. Due to the number of players away on international duty and the long injury roster, Pep Guardiola took charge of just seven senior pros in the first workout of the week. The group included Thiago, who again completed most of the day’s team drills. A host of promising youngsters from the club’s youth section made up the numbers for the session. Right-back Rafinha performed an individual running programme away from the main group.

Neuer’s charity launches kids’ centre

For many years, Manuel Neuer has supported socially disadvantaged kids and youths via his Kids Foundation. On Sunday, the FCB keeper’s charity officially unveiled MANUS (Latin for “Hand”), a kids’ centre in Gelsenkirchen. “Unfortunately, many kids and youths in my home town lack even the barest essentials. Many don’t even eat a cooked meal every day or lack a carer and contact to help them with everyday problems,” commented Neuer. MANUS is located directly adjacent to Linden elementary school in Gelsenkirchen once attended by Neuer himself. The services provided to the six to 18-year-olds include a cooked lunch, supervised homework, sporting and creative activities and health awareness programmes.