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Reaction to Bayern v Freiburg

Guardiola: All credit to my players

Bayern signed off for the winter break in front of their home faithful with a supremely comfortable victory over SC Freiburg, extending their unbeaten run in the Bundesliga to 20 matches. “All in all we’re absolutely happy with the win. We’ll go to bed tonight with a 12-point lead,” commented Thomas Müller, who doubled the score after Arjen Robben’s opening goal. Pep Guardiola declared himself “very pleased” and said his players deserved “great credit.”

Reaction to Bayern v Freiburg

Pep Guardiola: “I’m very pleased. Freiburg did very well defensively today, but we were excellent in attack. We had 13 clear-cut chances and their keeper made some very good saves. Great credit to my players, and now we need to take the final step in Mainz.”

Arjen Robben: “It was a tough game. Only one team was interested in playing football and that’s not how it should be. They pulled single every man back but we did well, we attacked aggressively, we looked for our chances and we created plenty. Two goals is OK, it could have been more, but 2-0 is a good result in our last home match. It’s another three important points.”

Thomas Müller: “It was definitely OK. Obviously we’d have liked a couple more goals, but Freiburg clearly decided they’d let us shoot but always keep five or six men in their own box. Their keeper made a couple of very good saves too. All in all we’re absolutely happy with the win. We’ll go to bed tonight with a 12-point lead and that was our target. It wasn’t important whether we won 2-0 or by some other score. We were dominant, we’ve done our jobs and we’re delighted.”

Christian Streich (SC Freiburg coach): “We started well enough. We tried to keep it nice and tight and we generally did that very well. But we couldn’t keep out everything they threw at us. The way my team stood up to Bayern’s utter superiority was good. Huge, huge credit to Pep for the work he’s doing here.”

Julian Schuster (SC Freiburg captain): “We were looking for something better than that. If you want to take anything off Bayern you have to put a foot in and mix it up a bit. We wanted to irritate them, hurt them, and it went well to begin with because they didn’t have that many chances. That only started as the game wore on. We have plenty of areas where we can improve.”

Roman Bürki (SC Freiburg keeper): “Bayern are just too good. We did everything we could. We defended, we battled away and we had a go at their back four a few times. But the way Bayern dominate games is unbelievable. We didn’t stand a chance.”