Rummenigge: We need peak form very quickly

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Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is among those who can hardly wait for Friday's official Bundesliga restart fixture in Wolfsburg. "We're up against the team lying second and we want to come off the blocks well," the FC Bayern chairman said, "it'll be an exciting weekend." summarises Rummenigge's statements on Monday:

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on...

...the restart fixture in Wolfsburg: "I'm delighted we're about to start again and it'll be an exciting weekend. We're up against the team lying second and we want to come off the blocks well."

...the death of Wolfsburg's Junior Malanda in a car crash: "It's a tragedy. The league and FC Bayern will pay tribute. There'll be a minute's silence on Friday and we'll wear black armbands. I've also written to the parents expressing our condolences."

...Bayern's lead in the Bundesliga: "We'd be well advised to show great respect and a touch of humility and not approach the second half of the season in a euphoric state. Mathematically, it's not over yet by any means. Obviously, I understand that those who aren't Bayern fans would like to see the sides more closely bunched in the table, but I have to ask for understanding here. Bayern Munich's task is to play successful and attractive football, and the team has done it brilliantly up to now. But we need to hit peak form very quickly."

...Pep Guardiola's future: "It's well known that Pep has another year and a half on his contract. Before the winter training camp, I told him the media would definitely be asking about his future. I also said to him that I personally wouldn't be asking the question until the second half of 2015, and that's where we left it. He and I both want total focus on the rest of the season now. After that we'll sit down and talk it through in peace and quiet. We have a wonderful relationship and he knows what FC Bayern thinks about him. I value him extremely highly, but I've also learned to be patient."

...Borussia Dortmund: "Borussia Dortmund won't be relegated, and if they have a bit of luck they might even be in contention for a place in Europe. They've not had much luck so far this season and they've had a lot of injuries, which has obviously been a factor. But they have the quality to win three, four or five games on the trot, and then they'd soon climb the table."

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