'It’s a wake-up call'

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FC Bayern approached the restart fixture away to chief pursuers Wolfsburg with high hopes but ultimately fell to a sobering 4-1 defeat. "It's simple -- we played really badly. We have to take a good, long look at ourselves," stated Jérôme Boateng. Manuel Neuer also offered a concise summary: "Obviously it's not a good restart for us." Bayern must pick themselves up immediately because Schalke 04 visit Munich on Tuesday. "A midweek game is just what we need right now," observed Neuer.

Reaction to Wolfsburg v Bayern

Pep Guardiola: "Wolfsburg were better and scored their goals at just the right time. Congratulations. We need to analyse what's happened and focus on the next game."

Bastian Schweinsteiger: "It wasn't our day. We often lost our shape when we attacked and they picked us apart relatively easily on the break. That shouldn't be happening. We need to work out what went wrong and do better in our next match."

Manuel Neuer: "Obviously it's not a good restart for us. We expected a different outcome and went out there looking for it too. It's not a catastrophe, but we know we still have a lot to do. We have to put it behind us and look forward. A midweek game is just what we need right now. It would be bad if we were having to wait eight days for the next match. We have to turn it around from here on in."

Jérôme Boateng: "It's simple -- we played really badly. It might be good that it's happened to us today because it's a wake-up call. We can't afford another performance like that. We weren't aggressive and gave away possession far too easily. We have to take a good, long look at ourselves. We all know we'll need a vast improvement against Schalke if we're to make amends for this."

Klaus Allofs (VfL Wolfsburg chief executive): "It's a result and a match we basically didn't even dare hope for. We were very smart and our transitions were outstanding. We managed to score our goals at perfect times."

Dieter Hecking (VfL Wolfsburg coach): "If you're to beat Bayern you need a day like that. The team went out and did everything we'd talked about before kick-off. We wanted to tempt them into coming at us, win possession and quickly transition to attack. It's worked out 100 percent, but we never expected a win like this."

Bas Dost (VfL Wolfsburg): "We waited for our chances and hit them at just the right time. I was a bit lucky with my second goal. We saw it through to the end brilliantly after half-time."

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