Lewandowski: I want more goals and more wins

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Robert Lewandowski was smiling from ear to ear when he left the dressing room on Monday morning. The Pole and his team-mates resumed training in bright sunshine after enjoying a day off in the wake of Saturday's 6-0 success away to Paderborn. "We're playing every three days, so your body needs a break every now and then," Lewandowski remarked.

Speaking exclusively to fcbayern.de, the striker revealed how the Lewandowski family likes to spend their leisure time, what pleases him about Munich, what he thinks of his performances so far, and who is the biggest joker in the dressing room.

Interview: Robert Lewandowski

fcbayern.de: Robert, you look wide awake, so you clearly didn't stay up to watch the Oscars...
Robert Lewandowski:
I'd have liked to, but it was on too late, pure and simple. But in the morning I read that a Polish film ["Ida"] won an Oscar, so I'm very pleased (laughs). I like films. We travel a lot, and if I don't have a book on the go I do like to watch a film.

Did you sleep well after scoring twice at Paderborn on Saturday?
I had a completely normal night. It was a great game and we scored six goals. It was important to get the two before half-time, because it made the second half a bit easier.

You had the day off yesterday. Was the short break important?
It was very good from a mental perspective. We're playing every three days, so your body needs a break every now and then.

How does the sports-obsessed Lewandowski family spend its leisure time?
Munich is a very, very beautiful city. There's a lot to do both in winter and in summer, and the Alps aren't far away. However, I don't normally play sport on my days off because like I said, your body needs a break. I prefer to relax with the family or do something together.

On a related subject, Anna Lindwurm (@edduwi) sent us this question via Twitter: What's your favourite place in Munich?
There are too many and I can't single one out. I come from Warsaw which is also a big, beautiful city with plenty of sights and attractions, just like Munich! We're very settled here.

It was obvious yet again in Paderborn that you all take every opponent extremely seriously, even when already comfortably in the lead. What's the source of this hunger?
It's our mentality. We always want lots of goals, regardless of the score at the time. We always want more! And an eight-point lead over Wolfsburg isn't that much. VfL are playing very well, so we have to be on our guard until the end of the season. Regardless of our lead in the table, we always have to concentrate.

You have ten goals and four assists in 20 Bundesliga appearances, plus two goals in the Champions League and one in the cup. Are you happy with your record?
Ask me again at the end of the season (laughs). Like every attacking player I want to score lots of goals and play well. That's always my target. But we have plenty of challenges still to come, so it's too early for a review.

There's always squad rotation at Bayern. Is that a problem for the players?
Obviously I want to play every game form the start, that's only normal! But it's fine. When I'm out on the pitch I try to play well and score goals. I'm very happy at FC Bayern! And especially when I'm scoring, which is optimal.

You work hard for the team -- is that much fun for a striker?
I'm the kind of player who's always thinking of the team. Obviously I want to score, but if I see I can make space for a team-mate, that's what I do -- by dragging two opponents out of position for example. That's puts my team-mate in a better position, and that's good!

Apropos team-mates: @DennisBredlau wants to know who you get along with best at the club.
Bastian, Mario and Pepe, and also with Rafinha, Franck and David. But with lots of the players actually, because the mood in the dressing room is so good.

Who's the team joker?
We have a few! I reckon Rafinha is out on his own, but Basti isn't far behind (laughs).

Finally, @jmarshallllllll wants to know your personal targets for the season.
More goals and more wins!

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