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Bayern have been drawn to face Barcelona in the Champions League semi-finals - and Pep Guardiola's long previous association with Barça gives the tie added spice. "I knew it would happen sooner or later," said the upbeat FCB boss, looking forward to visiting "my home. It'll be a fantastic match, but very difficult." "I somehow felt it coming," declared Matthias Sammer, who said he was "massively" looking forward to both games. "Any other opponent would also have been very tough, but it's an honour to play at Camp Nou," declared former Barcelona star Thiago.

Reaction to Friday's draw

Pep Guardiola: "I knew it would happen sooner or later. It's my first trip back to Barcelona, my home. I played there and I coached there. Obviously it's special for me, Thiago and my staff. I'm delighted we'll be having the experience. It'll be a fantastic match, but very difficult. Believe me, Barcelona are the strongest opponents! I'm thrilled for Luis Enrique. He's a super coach, a super guy, a super person. We'll try as best we can to reach the final in our capital city."

Matthias Sammer: "I somehow felt it coming. I'm massively looking forward to it. It's fifty-fifty. What could be better in football than the biggest games? Both forward lines are the envy of the world. Barcelona are superb up front, and we're superb up front. The better team will prevail -- and we want to be the better team. We're full of confidence and conviction, but our approach will be suitably modest."

Philipp Lahm: "It's a big ask, but fortunately we have the return at home and that could be an edge. Both teams always want to play football. Barcelona are in very good shape at the moment. I reckon it's 50:50."

Manuel Neuer: "We were always going to be drawn against a big name. There are no easy opponents in the semis, it's all or nothing as of now. We enjoyed it in the 2013 semi-finals against Barcelona and won both games comfortably, but it's a completely new situation now and we'll need two top performances if we're to make the final."

Thiago: "Any other opponent would also have been very tough, but it's an honour to play at Camp Nou. We'll do everything we can to get through and play for the European crown in Berlin."

Juan Bernat: "It's a really wonderful draw. We're up against a great team with one of the best forward lines in Europe. After the 6-1 victory over Porto we have huge belief in ourselves and we'll do everything we can to earn a trip to Berlin."

Luis Enrique (Barça coach): "It'll be very special against Bayern. It'll be the first time I've played Guardiola -- and his first time against Barça."

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