Kimmich: It’s a chance you only get once

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Joshua Kimmich must find the situation a little surreal. The 20-year-old new signing has been training with his FCB team-mates for the past ten days. And he remains impressed since his move from RB Leipzig to Bayern.

"I still can't really believe I'm on the training pitch every day with players who have already won everything," admitted the likable youngster, a great prospect for FC Bayern. met up with Kimmich for an interview on the Audi Summer Tour in China.

Interview: Joshua Kimmich Joshua, the Chinese fans call you a "pretty, sweet, young boy". Can you live with that?
Kimmich:"I heard about that at a fans' meeting in Shanghai. I think it's really funny. It can't be bad to be a bit famous in China." How are you enjoying your first, big tour with FC Bayern?
Kimmich:"It's really good! But it's completely different from RB Leipzig. Fans are always waiting for us when arrive at the hotel, when we leave and when we go out to eat. It's all a bit crazy." How are you finding the tempo in training? You've only been here for a week and a half...
Kimmich: "The quality is impressive. I still can't really believe I'm on the training pitch every day with players who have already won everything. The Champions League, the World Cup. It's really quick in training. And there are hardly any errors. You quickly see what you need to work on." What are your strengths? And where can you improve?
Kimmich: "When you come here you can see everybody has the potential to improve, even in areas where you're strong. I definitely need to improve my heading ability, and I need to pose more of a threat in front of goal." How was your first contact with Philipp Lahm, Manuel Neuer and Thomas Müller?
Kimmich: "I said hello and introduced myself. And that was it. The players just said hello as normal. Nothing out of the ordinary." (grins) Did you have to go through any rituals as a new boy on the block?
Kimmich: "I think I've got to sing something." Have you found somewhere to live in Munich yet?
Kimmich:"Yes. I knew relatively early that I was going to sign for FC Bayern. I had enough time to find a flat, and the furniture is on its way." Do you like the city?
Kimmich: "My first impression was that the traffic was quite chaotic (laughs). No, I don't think there's anything to moan about. Everything I've seen has been cool. The quality of life is different from Leipzig." Why did you decide to join FC Bayern at such a young age?
Kimmich:"It's a one-off chance. Who knows whether I'll ever get another like it in my career. During the discussions with Bayern I felt their confidence and they made me feel very, very good. I'll learn a lot. Nowhere is better than here at the moment." What are your targets in your first season at Bayern?
Kimmich: "At the start I had to settle in and integrate myself. I want to go to the limit in every training session and absorb as much as possible so I can gradually achieve the same performance levels as the top players." Who do you have most to do with in the squad?
Kimmich:"I spend a lot of time with young players like Gianluca [Gaudino]. And Sebastian Rode helps me an awful lot. I'd already heard that he's great bloke and that was confirmed straight away." And who impresses you most on the pitch?
Kimmich: "Hmm, you have to be a bit careful with questions like that. Everybody's a top player (grins). I'm most impressed by Thiago. He has an incredible touch. You don't see many people who can do what he can. And David Alaba is a complete player, the like of which I've hardly ever seen. He can play in nearly every position, he's quick, passes brilliantly and has an outstanding shot." What's your best position?
Kimmich:"I most like playing in central midfield in a holding role or in the hole. The coach played me there in the friendlies, but I've also played at right back for Germany."

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