A whirlwind and an 'extra burst of pace'

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His role model: Zé Roberto. His passion: music. His appearance: reserved, polite, likable, bustling and fleet-footed on the pitch. Douglas Costa made a promising impression in his first days at FC Bayern. After a week in an FCB shirt the Brazilian can already speak a few words of German: "Thank you. Good morning. Play."

On the *Audi Summer Tour of China*Douglas Costa is primarily seen talking to his Portuguese and Spanish team-mates. And Pep Guardiola is also keen to communicate with the 24-year-old who is trying to watch and absorb everything he can in his early days at FC Bayern.

"He's not as crazy as Dante and me," said Rafinha about his fellow countryman with a smile. The right back, with his wealth of experience of Germany and the Bundesliga, is currently helping Costa every step of the way and that even included him acting as Costa's interpreter for the press on Monday: "Germany is different from Brazil and Ukraine, but I'm sure he'll feel at home here with us," said Rafinha, "I hope he finds his feet quickly and learns German asap. That's really important."

Costa has already settled in on the pitch. He crowned his FCB debut with a goal in the Telekom Cup a week ago. The 24-year-old produced another impressive performance in the first friendly on the China tour against Valencia in Beijing on Saturday. "It went really well," he reported, "and I already feel relatively good in terms of fitness. But it will take a little while for me to get used to the new culture and the level at Bayern."

Costa was like a wizard on the left flank and he provided a perfect assist for Thiago to score the third goal. "He's good in one-on-ones, he's agile and quick on the wings. He's really good for us and I'm sure he'll help us to progress," declared a convinced skipper Philipp Lahm. "Douglas gives us an extra burst of pace," added Müller. And, in an interview with fcbayern.de, Thiago explained: "He's strong on the ball, quick and has plenty of power. And he fits in perfectly with us here." Exactly like Zé Roberto.

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