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Pep Guardiola took charge of a group numbering 15 players when FC Bayern resumed training on Wednesday -- and Sven Ulreich was among them. Following the first workout of the new campaign, the keeper who has joined FCB from VfB Stuttgart was officially unveiled at a press conference by sporting director Matthias Sammer.

Sammer also took reporters' questions on other subjects, including new big-name signing Douglas Costa, injury victim Franck Ribéry, and the club's targets for the new season. listened in.

Matthias Sammer on... signing Douglas Costa:

"He's capable of developing and growing. We've been following him for a long time. We've watched him a lot and we're impressed by his physical qualities. He's very quick and agile, he has unbelievable technical ability, and his dribbling and passing are intelligent. He's spent five years in Ukraine and we're now expecting him to move up to the next level. He's versatile too, and we're delighted he's here."

...the squad for the new season:

"We're reviewing the team with strategic thoughts in mind. We have a very, very good and healthy blend in terms of quality but also the age structure. We're satisfied but we're obviously monitoring the situation too. The transfer window has only just opened. We'll have a look and see what might potentially make us better. If not, we won't make any more moves. Because we have a super team. That's the main message!"

...injured duo Franck Ribéry and Holger Badstuber:

"Franck's injured and can't take part at this stage. We'll wait for him, he has our full support. We hope he'll be back healthy and fit as soon as possible. We're convinced by the course of therapy we've now implemented. We're confident it'll go well. It's looking very good for Holger, he's had optimal treatment and the healing process is going well. This isn't the right place to talk about timing. He has all the time in the world and we'll balance the process of healing and potential physical effort correctly, so he'll also come back completely fit."

...former long-term absentees Thiago and Javi Martínez:

"The most important thing is for them to stay healthy. Every training session will do them good and give them the confidence they need to exploit their full potential again. We have to try and manage this smartly and well. We're certainly delighted to have them back."

...targets for the new season:

"No team has ever won the Bundesliga four times in a row. That would be an excellent definition of our target. The championship is our bread and butter, so we can name it as our biggest target. Everything else such as the Champions League and the DFB Cup depends on so many other factors. You don't just blindly chase trophies, you have to put in good work and maintain a certain relaxed attitude. And sometimes the trophies just come your way, in fact you can't actually stop it if you're doing your job properly."

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