Badstuber: It was an unbelievable reception

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FC Bayern scored four beautiful goals against VfB Stuttgart, but the most emotional and moving moment on this fine afternoon was Holger Badstuber's comeback after exactly 200 days on the sidelines.

"It was an unbelievable reception. It was very emotional," commented the centre-back, visibly moved by the atmosphere at the Allianz Arena. "It sent shivers down my spine." 59 minutes into the contest FCB's home-grown product prepared for his return on the touchlines -- and the crowd welcomed him with thunderous applause.

"What our fans did for Holger was very emotional," said Pep Guardiola, who was also impressed by the atmosphere, repeatedly thanking the fans. Philipp Lahm also spoke of "a moment that sent shivers down your spine," whereas Arjen Robben said: "He's had a tough time. He's had his reward today. He's fought his way back."

'Why should I have doubts?'

"It was his first match. Of course he needs more time to get back to his usual level," observed Guardiola, who had already praised his defender before the match. "He is perhaps the best footballer I've ever seen when it comes to the build-up play." Badstuber himself was pleased with all the praise, but remained realistic: "I'm fully fit and feel good. But I know how much is missing."

Badstuber will continue to work on his fitness during the upcoming international break. "He will be playing in the Paulaner Cup on Monday," announced Guardiola, who needs the former Stuttgart youth to gain match practice. But, reporters asked Holger, how did it feel to take the first steps back onto the pitch after such a long lay-off? No trace of fear! "I'm not scared. When I run out onto the pitch I play football and try to do my best -- for the team. Why should I have doubts?" Badstuber is sure of one thing: "A lot of trust is placed in me." By the coach. By his team-mates. And, of course, by the fans.


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