FC Bayern joins Bavarian Climate Alliance

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Play for the climate, unite for climate protection -- that is FC Bayern's motto from now on. As of Wednesday the German record champions and Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH are the most recent members of the Bayerische Klima Allianz (Bavarian Climate Alliance). FCB chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Allianz Arena CEO Jürgen Muth signed the declaration of accession alongside Bavarian environment minister Ulrike Scharf at a press conference at the Säbener Strasse.

"We can only be successful in climate protection if we convince as many people as possible to join in. We have to inspire emotions for climate protection, just like in football," declared environment minister Scharf. With 260,000 members and a huge fan base FC Bayern is the ideal partner to "give climate protection a face," thus "reaching many people and motivating them to support climate protection," added Scharf.

FCB can 'set a good example'

"The Bavarian Climate Alliance has set up a laudable initiative," commented Rummenigge. "We all have to make sure that environmental and climate protection are observed in the future. We have a social responsibility and FC Bayern can set a good example." For this reason, the German record champions "gladly accepted" Scharf's request to join the Bavarian Climate Alliance as a partner. FCB are the 33rd member of the organisation.

FC Bayern have already taken a "first, important step" in terms of climate protection, according to Rummenigge. The fa*ç*ade of the Allianz Arena was equipped with a new lighting system in cooperation with FCB partner Philips last summer. "We save up to 60 percent in energy compared to the normal lighting with the new LED system, put into service in August 2015," declared Jürgen Muth.

Further steps planned

Since 2006 the Allianz Arena has been certified with the highest European environmental label, EMAS. But this is "only the beginning," stressed Muth. Further steps like the use of renewable energy and the reduction and separation of waste will be tackled too.

The Climate Alliance is a large social network for more climate protection in Bavaria. The partners aim to raise awareness of climate protection with joint campaigns and to promote sustainable handling of limited resources and climate-friendly behaviour. The partners support the goal of the Bavarian state government to reduce greenhouse emissions to less than two tonnes per person until 2050.

"Each tonne of CO2 that we save is like a victory or the next round in the Champions League," stressed Scharf. The Bavarian state government founded the Bavarian Climate Alliance along with Bund Naturschutz (Friends of the Earth Germany) in 2004. The Bavarian Climate Alliance consists of 33 partners from environmental and community organisations, churches, youth schemes, education, economy, and science.


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