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FC Bayern remain on track for their 21st 'Herbstmeisterschaft,' the so-called 'autumn championship' awarded to the team at the top of the league at the midpoint of the season. Even though the Bavarians were missing many players with injury they won 2-0 against Hertha, consolidating their lead at the top of the table with their eighth home victory of the season. "It wasn't easy for us to play against Hertha, they defended like a handball team," commented keeper Manuel Neuer after the game. Skipper Philipp Lahm said: "We came up with a very good solution."

Reaction to Bayern v Hertha:

Pep Guardiola: "A huge compliment to my team for this performance. Many players were injured, we only had Coman for the one-on-ones today. We did very well in the first half. After the break we wanted to be in control and not leave ourselves open to counter-attacks. We've done very well so far. I know how hard it is to be up for it every three days."

Philipp Lahm: "We had a few problems before the match because many players were injured -- particularly those who can open up space against a defensive team. That's why it wasn't easy today. But we came up with a very good solution. We stifled the counter-attacks well. In situations like this we have to create chances by passing the ball. That went quite well."

Manuel Neuer: "It wasn't easy for us to play against Hertha, they defended like a handball team. It helped a lot that we scored twice in the first half. It was difficult after the break because even then Hertha didn't push up."

Thomas Müller: "You never know against Hertha if it's still 0-0, they defend well. But I had a good feeling after we scored two goals relatively early."

Pal Dardai (Hertha coach): "The better team won today. We don't need to be ashamed. Our attitude and commitment were exemplary. If Bayern have the space they're twice as fast as we are. We conceded two unnecessary goals, we were inattentive for their goals. When we were 2-0 behind it was difficult, Bayern were dominant and in total control, they were clearly better."


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