Martínez: We’re a great community

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The Bayern stars are currently preparing for the second half of the season at the Doha training camp. On they have a chance to speak and let their fans in on their experiences, as our three-part series *Mia san Trainingslager*is the forum for the players to report on the week in Qatar. Javi Martínez takes the first turn:

"I was just speaking to our fitness coach Thomas Wilhelmi about it: a year ago I had a tough time here in Qatar. I was injured, I was an onlooker as the team trained, I couldn't join in. Today I'm in the thick of the action again and I'm happy. I feel very good, I have no problems, no pain, I'm in a good mood. I wouldn't have minded skipping the winter break, for what it's worth. I was in good shape towards the end of the first half-season. Now I'm working to get back into peak form.

We have fun too. We laugh a lot at the training camp. Thomas Müller and Rafinha are very funny. We meet in some room or another, often with the physios or in our lounge area. We have a games console, a TV and board games here. I often spend time with my compatriots of course, but also with everyone else. After all, my German is perfect ;-) I think we're a really great community. We're not only team-mates, we're friends.

What do I do besides? I have two books to fight boredom, and my computer. I'm a TV series junkie, at the moment I'm watching The Walking Dead and Empire. Overall I can say: everything is perfect so far!"


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