Guardiola: This is a good phase for us

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After the 3-1 victory over SV Darmstadt Pep Guardiola said he was "happy" – and he had every reason to be, as Bayern came from behind and enjoyed a successful dress rehearsal for the Champions League showdown with Juventus. Franck Ribéry also made a promising comeback. "I think we're having a good phase," the FCB head coach commented after an entertaining match crowned by Thomas Müller's bicycle kick. "If I score an ugly goal it's worth just as much," the world champion commented with masterful understatement. Instead, he warned: "We'll have to be smarter in Turin on Tuesday."

Reaction to Bayern v Darmstadt

Pep Guardiola: "I'm happy, we were patient and took 36 shots on goal. Apart from the 15 minutes before the break we played well. But it was difficult against so many defensive players. Darmstadt, and Wagner in particular, controlled many long balls up front. I'm glad that Franck made his comeback, even if it's not enough for 90 minutes just yet. From tomorrow we'll prepare for the Champions League match in Turin. I think we're having a good phase."

Thomas Müller: "I scored a nice goal, it felt good. I controlled it quite well with my chest, then I had to somehow direct it towards goal. But I don't want to overstate it. If I score an ugly goal it's worth just as much. We're glad we've clinched three crucial points. We'll have to be smarter in Turin on Tuesday, we mustn't miss as many chances there."

Arjen Robben: "Despite being 1-0 behind: all credit to the team! I think we turned in a good display, we only failed to make use of our chances in the first half. We just had to stay calm and patient. We kept going as a team and were duly rewarded."

Dirk Schuster (Darmstadt coach): "We made it difficult for them, but their victory was deserved of course. We turned in a very convincing display and came up with new challenges for Bayern over and over. We didn't only want to park the bus, but also to needle them. In the first half we were more successful at it than in the second. I'm very proud of our display."

Sandro Wagner (Darmstadt captain):"It's a pity. We played so well in the first half. The equaliser after the break was the crunch. In that situation it's hard to play against Bayern."


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