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On Saturday Thomas Müller once again did what he does best, namely scoring goals - one with his right foot, one with his left, and both from close range like a typical poacher. The FCB youth product has netted 27 times so far this season, a personal best. The Bavarians hope that more will follow in the Champions League last sixteen return against Juventus. In an interview with fcbayern.deMüller revealed that the excitement before the "lively battle" is huge.

Interview: Thomas Müller

fcbayern.de: Thomas, why are you in such good form?
"We're playing well as a team, and I'm feeling okay too. But that's not enough to score. The chance to get a shot also depends on your team-mates, your opponents and luck. You have to keep trying, even if you fail, and see to it that the team does well." (grins)

fcbayern.de: You're five goals short of Lewy in the league...
"I'm not really interested in the goals. The main thing is that we win! I have no ambitions when it comes to trophies for the top scorer."

fcbayern.de: What awaits you against Juventus on Wednesday?
"I'm sure they'll play defensively again. We aim to play well and be dominant from the beginning with the support of our fans and make use of our chances early on. I'm confident, but we've been warned as Juve scored twice despite having very few chances in the first leg."

fcbayern.de: What makes them so dangerous?
"They have great quality in their team. We have to watch out. It's going to be a lively battle, which is just what you want in the Champions League. It's quite a heavyweight encounter for a last sixteen tie, but that's the way it is. It's going to be exciting."

fcbayern.de: How important will the support from your fans be?
"Very important! I assume our fans will spur us on with a fantastic performance and passion similar to that of the last few years. You could sense the European atmosphere after the match on Saturday. The whole club, the whole Bayern family are fired up for the match."

fcbayern.de: Theoretically a 0-0 draw would be sufficient. But you can't aim for that, can you?
"No, we're not a 0-0 team. But if it's the final result we'll gladly accept it."

fcbayern.de: Have you stayed in touch with Mario Mandzukic?
"Not regularly, but now and then. We met in Turin of course. We talk, we exchange our views. And he always likes to have fun. A good guy!"


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