Rummenigge: We didn't have a good day

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Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was not in the best of moods when entering the mixed zone at the Allianz Arena after the 2-1 defeat against FSV Mainz. "Considering how Mainz played it's not an unlucky result for us, but perhaps a deserved defeat," according to the FC Bayern chairman. The team "didn't have a good day." Pep Guardiola was not satisfied either: "We didn't control Mainz's counter-attacks well."

Reaction to Bayern v Mainz

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge: "It wasn't some kind of miracle. Mainz did very well, otherwise we wouldn't have lost. Considering how Mainz played it's not an unlucky result for us, but perhaps a deserved defeat. After the equaliser we hoped to score another one, but we just didn't have a good day. We didn't do enough to turn the game round. We've just lost a home match after a long time. Perhaps some of us had Saturday in mind and believed it would be easy today. But Mainz aren't fifth for no reason, they're strong this season. Many things went wrong today."

Pep Guardiola: "Congratulations to Mainz on the victory. We didn't control their counter-attacks well. In the second half it wasn't easy against ten men around their own box. But we had enough chances to win the game. We tried it with five forwards. We still have lots of work to do to defend our title."

Arjen Robben:"Our reaction was very strong. If it's 1-1 you have to keep going. We mustn't let them get at us on the break. Many things went wrong. That mustn't happen. We had the chances. Unfortunately it wasn't enough. If you win many games in a row it can happen that you lose. It was still a shame today."

M artin Schmidt (Mainz coach):"Many things we'd discussed beforehand happened today. It's crucial to keep going and always put up resistance. It feels good. We knew how we could win: with purposeful counter-attacks and a strong defensive display. We launched four counter-attacks in the first and two in the second half. We need this efficiency. That was decisive. The players accomplished it today. Faith can move mountains."


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