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Arjen Robben made 11 appearances in the first half of the season, but only twice over the full 90 minutes. Various muscular complaints and aches again caused him problems. But the Dutchman did not want to talk about the past any longer when he took reporters' questions at the Säbener Strasse on Thursday, two days before the Bundesliga home match against Werder Bremen. Instead, Robben was keen to discuss the present situation. "I'm feeling strong again and I'm back to my best," announced the 32-year-old.

Robben has played in all ten matches since the winter break: FCB's wing wizard is back! "I know what I'm capable of if my body allows it," he declared with confidence: "I hope it'll stay that way from now on. My motto is: stay fit, keep up the rhythm. I have a very good feeling." Which is crucial in light of the upcoming, decisive weeks of the season. listened in and has picked out the best of Robben's statements:

Breather against Bremen? "No, I don't want that, I want to play. I always want to play (laughs ). It's important to maintain the rhythm. We didn't have a midweek game this time. However, no matter what I wish for, at the end of the day the coach decides."

Bremen as a tough challenge? "You can't say: we're up against Juventus, so Werder are a side issue. That's not going to work. We have nothing but finals from now on, in the Bundesliga too. Dortmund are still very, very strong."

Excitement because of Juve? "You become a footballer for matches like these, you do everything for them. I love these matches. You have to perform, you have to be up for it at the right time."

Weakness on the break as a problem? "If we attack up front we have to anticipate what happens if we lose possession. We pay lots of attention to it, we talk a lot about it. It's getting better and better, but you can't stop each and every counter-attack over 90 minutes."

Winger or rather midfielder? "I have fun in the centre too. It's something new, as a player you can only benefit from that. But it sounds a bit odd to talk about 'developing' when you're 32." (grins)


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