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It was hard work, and the match was ultimately decided on penalties. FC Bayern won 4-3 against Borussia Dortmund in a thrilling cup final, sealing their 18th triumph in the competition. “This double is wonderful. “We've had a fantastic season,” commented keeper Manuel Neuer, happy about the second trophy this term. “We're deserved winners,” said Thomas Müller after an “intense” match.

Reaction to Bayern v Dortmund:

Pep Guardiola: “Dortmund had their chances, but that goes for us too. We were all tired towards the end. Everything's possible in the shootout. We're very pleased. We won against a great, great team. The three years at Bayern have been fantastic. I wish FC Bayern nothing but the best. I'm going to miss my players.”

Manuel Neuer: “I'd have preferred the match to be decided after 90 minutes. This double is wonderful. We've had a fantastic season. It was deserved.”

Thomas Müller: “It was very intense. It was obvious that it's been a long season for all the players. The match cost us a lot of energy. But that's the way it is in a cup final. Penalty shootouts are cruel. We're deserved winners. Dortmund could have scored once or twice on the break just as well, but we kept their quality in check and were very dominant.”

Thomas Tuchel (Borussia Dortmund coach): “It's frustrating. We have lots of room to improve. We defended incredibly well. We didn't live up to our own ambitions when in possession. We wanted to camp out in Bayern's half. It didn't work. It took us a long time to fight our way into the game. It was an outstanding display in terms of fighting spirit.”

Mats Hummels (Borussia Dortmund captain): “I think it wasn’t our best match, but we fought magnificently. Penalty shootouts are a lottery, but quality plays a role too. It's an incredible pity, we're very sad. Bayern have perhaps won the cup deservedly, but we would have deserved it too in terms of fighting spirit.”

Roman Bürki (Dortmund keeper): “It's very disappointing to lose on penalties. We would have had our chances if we’d delivered a better final pass. Penalty shootouts always involve a little luck, they're psychological games. At the end of the day I have to save one.”


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