Bayern trio meet NBA pros

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Three Bavarians, two NBA pros and a ball: that means action galore! Franck Ribéry, Xabi Alonso and Javi Martínez warmed up along with DeMarcus Cousins and Harrison Barnes before they competed. They staged a football match, a basketball match, a penalty shootout and a free throw contest. “It's fun,” the 2.11 m tall Cousins commented.

“I'd like to dunk, but the hoop is too high for me,” said Xabi Alonso, who follows the NBA like his two team-mates. “My favourite player is Stephen Curry,” revealed Franck Ribéry, who met the Golden State Warriors Point Guard in the NBA finals a few weeks ago. “I watched him play and had the honour to meet him. I think he's fantastic.”

Alonso and Martínez are fans of basketball legend Michael Jordan. “He's the greatest of all time,” commented Martínez, who likes to play basketball himself. “I love basketball. I like to play it, I like to watch it. It's my second-favourite sport after football.”

Talks between pros

After the contest the Bayern pros chatted with the NBA players. “We talked about life as a football pro and as a basketball pro,” explained Martínez, who spoke to Barnes, who recently joined the Dallas Mavericks and Dirk Nowitzki. “What we do during pre-season preparation, when we're on the move. There are a few differences.”

They exchanged signed shirts and posed for photos to round off the meeting. Three Bavarians, two NBA pros: five stars who crossed the boundaries of their respective disciplines to have fun together.

DeMarcus Cousins und Harrison Barnes are currently preparing with the US squad for the Olympic Games.

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