Müller: The spirit is there!

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A final against Borussia Dortmund after only one week of training: those FCB pros who returned from their vacation only recently jumped in at the deep end on Sunday evening. “We gave it everything we had. Now we're very happy. We've won the first title of the new season,” commented Robert Lewandowski, who played 86 minutes in the 2-0 Supercup victory.

 “It's a great experience to win away to Dortmund, the greatest there is for Bayern in German football,” said Thomas Müller, who wrapped things up with his 79th-minute goal  and like Mats Hummels and Manuel Neuer played the full 90 minutes. The Germany internationals and Lewandowski had only resumed nine days beforehand.

'There's still work to do'

It was clear that things would not go perfectly. “Dortmund caused us very many problems, particularly in the first half. We weren't always solid and there were a few tactical aspects to improve. We fought our way into the game and won,” explained Müller, before adding: “There's still work to do.”

But the Bavarians are nonetheless enjoying the atmosphere after sealing the first title this season. “The spirit is there! The lads are great! It's fun,” declared Müller. After all, the Munich men have almost two weeks until the Bundesliga restart to fine-tune their tactics.

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