Ancelotti: We controlled the game well

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FC Bayern's 5-0 victory could hardly have been more comfortable, and the record cup winners were accordingly satisfied after the success against brave fourth-tier outfit Carl Zeiss Jena. "It's nice to start the season this way," commented Mats Hummels, who scored in his second competitive fixture for Bayern after his return. His coach was equally pleased.

Reaction to Carl Zeiss Jena v FC Bayern

Carlo Ancelotti: "Our display and attitude were decent. We scored early and controlled the game well. We're very satisfied with it. I decided to award Mats a breather at the beginning, he played 90 minutes against Dortmund. Martínez did very well."

Robert Lewandowski: "It's not so important whether it's the Bundesliga or the DFB Cup, people always expect goals from me. It was important for us as a team to play well. We did very well when in possession today."

Mats Hummels: "It's nice to start the season this way. Our first goal is to be in top form. We defended well after Jena switched well in the second half. We can't be at 100 percent now, but we're approaching the mark. Scoring goals is the most beautiful thing in football, even for defenders. It was planned that I'd start on the bench. The 90 minutes in Dortmund were too much in view of my shape, so the coach said I'd play one half maximum today."

Mark Zimmermann (Carl Zeiss Jena coach): "You could see how euphoric and hyped up the lads were, a little more calm and patience would have helped. But I don't blame the lads, they tried everything. After the early goal the match went as expected, we couldn't prevent the rest. The atmosphere was great despite the punishing."

Filip Krstic (Carl Zeiss Jena): "We don't have to be ashamed of the 5-0 defeat. We played football at times."

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