Rummenigge rings New York Stock Exchange opening bell

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"Bayern Munich? That's the first international soccer team I've ever seen play," recollected one bystander. "Which player is there? Boateng? Wow," said another. FC Bayern's visit to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has caught the attention of brokers. On Tuesday at 09.30 am Karl-Heinz Rummenigge had the honour to ring the opening bell at Wall Street which marks the official beginning of the day's trading session.

"It was a great experience," Rummenigge said after the event on the balcony above the trading floor. "They explained it well: press the green button for ten seconds and don't let go. Hopefully it's a nice omen for a good season."

Besides Rummenigge and Boateng FCB board directors Jörg Wacker and Andreas Jung as well as Rudolf Vidal, Managing Director of FCB's New York office, and Prof Dr Dieter Mayer, deputy vice-president of FC Bayern München eV, visited Wall Street. They watched Rummenigge press the button alongside Thomas Farley, the NYSE president, and Luka Mucic, the CFO of FC Bayern Partner SAP. "It's special to be here," commented Boateng, "and it's unfamiliar. Usually my position is on the pitch."


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