'We lacked the killer touch'

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The Bavarians were annoyed after Wednesday's 1-0 defeat to Atlético. Manuel Neuer found fault with the lack of "killer instinct." Carlo Ancelotti was not pleased either.

Reaction to Atlético v Bayern

Carlo Ancelotti: "We controlled the game, but taken altogether we lacked aggression and determination in one-on-ones. We lost possession too often and were too slow. You have to be quicker and make use of your chances against Atlético. It wasn't a good display. However, it was only one game. It's going to be better next time."

Manuel Neuer: "We knew it wouldn't be easy. It was difficult to score. Atlético have the killer instinct, they make a lot out of few chances. We lacked this killer touch today."

Arjen Robben: "It's a very big match considering it's the group stage. We met in last season's semi-finals, and today you could see why we did. They're a very unpleasant team. We made a good start, the first 15, 20 minutes were very good. We were aggressive and had our chances - and you have to use them in a game like this, just as Atlético did. We have to learn from it. It goes on. We want to return to winning ways on Saturday."

Diego Simeone (Atlético coach): "I'm very pleased with my team's performance over 90 minutes. Our goal was to put Bayern under pressure from the off, we were close to their players and tried to stifle their passes from midfield."

Yannick Carrasco (Atlético scorer): "Bayern are very dangerous up front, but we closed the gaps well and attacked. Griezmann set me up with a strong through ball, fortunately I put it in."

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