'It was easier after the first goal'

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FC Bayern made an impressive start to the 2016/17 Champions League campaign, and the Munich men were accordingly pleased on Tuesday evening: "Of course we're delighted at the result," said Thomas Müller, who rounded off his birthday with a goal. Manuel Neuer too drew a positive conclusion: "We saw a commanding display."

Reaction to Bayern v Rostov

Carlo Ancelotti: "We made a good start to the Champions League. It was difficult at the beginning because there was very little space. We relied on crosses. It was easier after the first goal. I'm very pleased. We're able to compete for the title, but our first goal is to win the group."

Thomas Müller: "Of course we're delighted at the result, leading 2-0 at half-time. That was good. Rostov parked the bus as expected, so we had to use the flanks. We did just that. It was a pretty good display, it was clear-cut. I'm happy."
Manuel Neuer: "We saw a commanding display. We had to play quickly against opponents like these. We did it, and we won deservedly."

Ivan Daniliants (FC Rostov coach): "We've never encountered so strong opponents. My team tried to be well organised and create chances, but it wasn't enough. The Bavarians are very quick and very strong phyiscally. That cost a lot of energy. We lost against champions."

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