Costa hits the gas

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The Doha training camp is a sweat-laden affair even for onlookers, with temperatures of 23 degrees and no breeze. However, Douglas Costa works out wearing long sleeves at times. The weather in Qatar suits the Brazilian: "It's not as cold as Munich and not as warm as Porto Alegre, very agreeable," Costa commented.

The 26-year-old is benefiting a lot from the mid-season preparations. After a number of injuries and knocks sustained primarily at the beginning of the season the winger is top fit again. "We're working towards the second part of the season with full focus. That's very important." In the holidays the South American recharged his batteries in his home city of Porto Alegre, but now he and his team-mates have hit the gas again. "The first half of the campaign was good. Now we start again and want to give it everything."

Music is one of the things from which Costa draws his energy. "It's very important for me to relax," the winger revealed, "it puts me in a good mood and gives me pleasure." His favourite singer is Wesley Safadão from Brazil, "we're good friends." Safadão even produced a song with Ronaldinho, Costa's former idol. Costa will surely soon shine again, be it on stage or out on the Allianz Arena turf.

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