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Javi Martínez was grinning from ear to ear during the Facebook Q&A even though you could still hear he has only just recovered from a cold. The Spaniard resumed the squad programme on Friday morning. has summarised his statements.

Javi Martínez on...

...his fitness: "I caught a cold during the holidays, but I'm already feeling much better. I resumed team training today. I still feel a bit tired because of the antibiotics, I couldn't do a lot in the last three days. But I'll feel much better in the next few days."

...the break: "The winter break is good for your head, you can relax a bit and recharge your batteries. Now we're fully focused again, and we'll prepare well for the second half of the season."

...his favourite position: "I don't care where I play. I want to help my team - that's my goal. It's not important where I play, in central defence, defensive midfield or out on the wings. The team has priority over everything else."

...his favourite teammate: "I get along very well with everybody, we're one family and very good friends. I spend much time with the Latin Americans and the Spaniards of course, with Arturo Vidal or Douglas Costa for instance. I spend most of my time with Juan Bernat."

...Munich: "Munich is amazing, I love it! There's always things you can do, in the winter, summer or the Oktoberfest (laughs). It's the perfect city for a footballer. As a Spaniard I had to get used to the weather in my first year, but it's been much better over the last three years. I probably brought the good weather along with me, you have to thank me..." (laughs)

...advice to youngsters: "I don't know if I'm the right person for this, but I'd say, enjoy your job! You have to play football with passion. Otherwise, work hard every day. Every day counts. That's the key."

...the goals: "If you're at Bayern you always have to go for the titles. We were very disappointed that we didn't reach the Champions League final last year. But this year we have another chance. We want to make the people happy again. We're in good spirits, we train well. But it's not easy, it's going to be very difficult against Arsenal. But if you want to win titles you have to beat everyone."

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