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There’s nothing better than relaxing after an arduous training session. So says Javi Martínez, who likes to unwind by losing himself in his favourite TV series. The Spaniard talked to about which shows he’s particularly into at the moment.

Javi Martínez’s top three TV series

First place: Narcos
Narcos follows the struggle between the Colombian Government and the drug cartel of Pablo Escobar. The story is told from the viewpoint of Agent Steve Murphy, who wants to the stop the business of the unscrupulous drugs mafia and put its mastermind Escobar behind bars. And best of all: the series is based on true events.

“That’s what fascinates me about Narcos,” explains Martínez. “I love history, so I enjoy watching programmes that are based on real events.” There’s lots of Spanish spoken in the series, which is “only” subtitled rather than dubbed. Incidentally, the defender has visited Colombia before as a child with his parents.

Second place: Designated Survivor
One day he’s a prominent federal agent, the next he’s the President of the United States: in his brand new series, 24 star Kiefer Sutherland unexpectedly becomes the new American head of state. Sutherland plays a low-ranking housing minister who’s the only member of the cabinet to survive an explosion – and suddenly has the fate of a nation in his hands...

“For me it was a surprise hit,” says Martínez on his discovery. “I’d never heard of this series. It gripped me as soon as I started watching it – I couldn’t stop,” laughed the Spaniard, who went through the first ten episodes in fewer than ten hours. Strangely, Martínez has never seen Sutherland in his most famous role as Jack Bauer. But maybe he’ll soon make up for that, since both men are familiar with defending against danger...

Third 3: Sin Identidad
Martínez also watched a programme from his native country during the Christmas holiday. Sin Identidad (“Without Identity”) is centred around Maria Fuentes, a successful lawyer from Madrid who finds out that she was adopted in dubious circumstances. With the help of an IT expert and a lawyer, she aims to find out who’s behind these criminal goings-on, putting herself in great danger in the process.

“I love American shows but I also enjoy watching Spanish,” says Martínez, who particularly enjoyed Sin Identidad. “I love it and watched the final episode two weeks ago.” In total there were 23 episodes of the drama series, divided into two seasons. It’s only available in Spanish, so maybe it was a good chance for him to refresh his language knowledge a little…

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