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When the Bavarians are on the go their preferences differ, and the five-hour trip to the Doha training camp was no different. Some like to catch up on the flight details on their large screens, others watch films. David Alaba likes US series, and reveals his favourite three to

David Alaba's top three TV series

First place: Entourage

The series is about the ascent of the young, ambitious actor Vincent Chase (played by Adrian Grenier) and his friends. The series deals with the film business, but also friendship and family. "The solidarity in the clique fascinates me," says Alaba. "They're friends who grew up together and are still close. It reminds me of my boys in Vienna, we're still very good friends."
"We watch the series once in a while and recognise ourselves in it. There are a few funny moments," according to the Austrian, who is grateful to his friends. "They've played an important part in my career so far. The circle isn't huge, but I know everyone supports me."

Second place: All or Nothing – A Season with the Arizona Cardinals

All Or Nothing is about the Arizona Cardinals, the oldest NFL team still in existence. The eight episodes of the sports documentary provide a behind-the-scenes perspective over the whole season. Fans have never been granted this kind of access to an American football team.

"You notice the similarities to our team," says Alaba, referring to "the fun in the dressing room, the solidarity, the atmosphere in the team." American football fascinates Alaba, who is friends with NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. "I've been into the sport for some time now, I really like it. I'm a huge fan!" However, a career as a placekicker, taken up by former football pros such as Ingo Anderbrügge or Axel Kruse, is not an option for Alaba.

Third place: Power

The US drama series follows a New York City night club owner who wants to shake off his illegal entanglements, which is easier said than done. "This series is completely unlike the two others," says Alaba, who thinks the format co-produced by rapper 50 Cent is "very, very exciting. The actors do a really good job. And music is a crucial part of it, I really like that."

Incidentally, the series is dubbed into German in Munich. Alaba watches the series in English, but does not rule out a cameo appearance as a dubber...

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