First coaching visit to Qingdao

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It’s happening: the first official coaching course at the FC Bayern Football School in Qingdao is taking place this week. Two coaches from FC Bayern will be passing their expertise onto 180 sports and football teachers from local schools. The participants will be divided into groups of 30 and given both theoretical and practical lessons during the three-day course. The training is taking place at the FC Bayern Football School in Qingdao until 24th February and is being led by FCB coaches Sebastian Dremmler and Antonio Vatany.

“It’s our mission and our wish to convey the FC Bayern youth philosophy to the teachers and coaches, and to help them apply it,” said Sebastian Dremmler. “Every participant will be assessed on completion of the course. The best performers will get a certificate and will have the chance to attend further courses in the future.”

The initiative is being supported by the education department and the school football association of the city of Qingdao. Sui Shiyu, an official of the local education department, commented that the FC Bayern training will be more challenging and advanced than most of the local training programmes because the teachers receive very detailed instructions rather than just general guidelines. “The FC Bayern programme will help us to improve our own training for teachers and coaches in Qingdao and develop youth football in the city,” Shiyu added.

The training and development of local teaches and coaches is a central element of the partnership between FC Bayern and the Sino-German Eco-Park in Qingdao. The aim of the multifaceted training is to support and enhance the development of football in the city of nine million inhabitants. Qingdao is one of the five ‘football cities’ designated by the Chinese Government. In the coming months and years, coaches from FC Bayern will be regularly travelling to Qingdao to deliver courses and workshops.

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