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There are two signs that the German internationals are back at Säbener Straße. One is that the training field looks somewhat busier, and the other is that the voice of Thomas Müller can be heard again. Müller was back encouraging his teammates during Tuesday’s session, demanding the ball or making comments on individual moments.

Having scored during the World Cup champions’ 4-1 win in their qualifier against Azerbaijan, he was in a good mood and full of life, as were his teammates. There was lots of tempo and lots going on as the 12 members of the squad played various small-sided games. In some the players were only allowed one or two touches of the ball, meaning the ball was constantly moving and the defending team had to work hard.

Costa on comeback trail

Carlo Ancelotti liked what he saw and it wasn’t just on the grass that there was good news. Douglas Costa took advantage of the spring-like weather to spend some time in the sand. The Brazilian looked to be well on the way to recovery from his knee injury as he carried out some stability exercises. Robert Lewandowski, who’s back in Munich after Poland’s 2-1 win in Montenegro, also completed an individual session in the performance centre.

The rest of Bayern’s international players will return to Säbener Straße in the coming days. The training field will steadily fill up again and Müller will have a bigger audience, just in time to start the crucial month of April in a positive mood.

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