'Things just don't work out on certain days'

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Bayern kept looking for an equaliser away to Hoffenheim until the final whistle, but somehow a goal refused to come. After conceding the opener in the 21st minute Bayern upped the pressure but failed to reward themselves. "The first half wasn't so good," Carlo Ancelotti commented after a match in which the hosts were in control at first. "We did a much better job in the second half, but things just don't work out on certain days," summarised the Italian.

Reaction to Hoffenheim v Bayern

Carlo Ancelotti: "Congratulations to Hoffenheim. We were a bit surprised by their play and weren't well-organised in defence. It was a very intense match. Our first half wasn't so good. We did a much better job in the second half, we were more aggressive then. We had our chances to level the scores. But things just don't work out on certain days, that's football."

Arjen Robben: "It's a pity, we mustn't allow that to happen. The first half was unnecessary. We lacked discipline, we were always a step too late, which is why we had problems. The second half was much better, just as it should be. We were dominant and had our chances, but a goal refused to come today."

Julian Nagelsmann (Hoffenheim coach): "It feels very nice to beat Bayern. We as a club had to wait for it for a very long time. We turned in a good display, our plan worked perfectly. We showed the necessary courage, we played really well in the first half, we attacked. In terms of chances the victory wasn't undeserved. Regarding the course of the match the second half sticks out, it felt similar to handball at times. But it went as expected."

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