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There’s no time for the FC Bayern players to catch their breath. After their bitter defeat to Real Madrid in the Champions League quarter-finals, the games continue to come thick and fast. The record champions are on the verge of defending their Bundesliga title while in the DFB Cup, the Reds will be battling it out on Wednesday evening for a place in the final in Berlin. “I love the big games, these important games, they’re the ones you live for as a player. I always look forward to these types of games,” said Arjen Robben in a one-to-one interview with

In the interview, the winger spoke about the upcoming cup showdown with Borussia Dortmund. “It’ll be a fierce match,” said the 33 year-old, who is desperate to reach the final in Berlin. To do that, Bayern will need to “give their all, because there can only be one winner”.

Arjen Robben on…

…the Champions League exit in Madrid: “There was a lot of frustration. We can’t blame ourselves, we did everything we could in Madrid and played very well. Obviously there were a few decisions that didn’t go our way.”

…the cup game against Dortmund: “It’ll be a fierce match. I’m confident that if we play to our best and everyone's on board then we can beat them again. I’m confident of that and we’ll have to give it our all because there can only be one winner.”

…his attitude as a professional: “When I train, when I play, I give 100%. It’s in my character. Talent is one thing but you need the right mentality. I firmly believe that I’ve got to where I am and achieved what I’ve achieved because I always give my all, always try to improve and always try to play my best.”

…Philipp Lahm’s upcoming retirement: “You have to respect his decision. Obviously it’s sad for me because I’ve played with Philipp for eight years and always got on well with him. I’m sad that he’s retiring and I’ll miss him.”

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